Situation of the RWTH Aachen

  Professor Reinhart Poprawe with visitors Copyright: © Fraunhofer ILT Professor Reinhart Poprawe with visitors

The RWTH Aachen has prerequisites that enable to pursue ambitious goals and to compete successfully in the high school competition:

  • Presence of many science and engineering and humanities, economics and medical disciplines
  • Practicing interdisciplinary, e.g. in successful collaborative research centers, research networks, interdisciplinary forums, postgraduate training and interdisciplinary theses
  • Wide range of courses as a basis for research and practice-related education and training
  • High reputation of its scholars at home and abroad and positive ranking sites with visibility
  • Good research infrastructure and high external funding
  • Approved application around research and teaching by linking basic research, applied research, development and transfer into practice
  • Intense and numerous contacts and collaborations