Principles of the RWTH Aachen

  RWTH AACHEN, Main Building Copyright: © Peter Winandy RWTH AACHEN, Main Building

The members of the RWTH Aachen University keep the following principles while pursuing the objectives:

  • The RWTH is open to all interested students. Moreover, it provides exceptionally committed students with special challenges and opportunities.
  • The RWTH Aachen aims to attract and keep outstanding individuals for teaching and research
  • The RWTH Aachen promotes research. Research is a central task of a university and a basis of lively teaching.
  • The RWTH Aachen aims to provide high quality of teaching. This is done by continually monitoring the practice of teaching and learning methods by an orientation of the curriculum at the state of the art, by a regular evaluation of teaching and by a comprehensive care of students.
  • The RWTH Aachen University provides its students key skills: ability to recognize and see through complex problems, the courage to innovate, critical approach with proven and new knowledge, ability to lifelong learning, resilience and willingness to assume the responsibilities involved in society, communication and cooperation skills, foreign language proficiency.
  • The RWTH Aachen University sees an important role in continuing education. Offers for scientific, artistic and professional development open the possibility of life-long learning and offer suggestions for teaching and research.
  • The RWTH Aachen promotes performance, qualifications and competition. This means to sharpen the awareness of the academic competition in research and teaching by taking care of the internal and external dialogue on performance measurements. This also means that resources are used primarily by performance considerations. The qualification of the personnel is ensured by training and continuing education. The RWTH offers its young scientists the opportunity to further qualifications in research and teaching and prepares them for leadership.
  • The RWTH Aachen University is expanding its interdisciplinary structures. Interdisciplinary structures offer a special opportunity to scientific innovation. The RWTH Aachen identifies pioneering teaching and research fields and processes them by collective actions. Internally or externally recognized new teaching and research fields are addressed consistently. For this, the RWTH Aachen possibly performs an internal-departmental or interdepartmental structural change.
  • The RWTH Aachen maintains and deepens their links with industry. It is aware that new ideas for teaching and research, particularly in engineering and economics come from contacts for technical-economic reality. Close cooperation between the RWTH Aachen and the economy is maintained for a competitive advantage.
  • The RWTH Aachen extends the internationality of its teaching and research. It carries out its programs on opportunities and requirements in the international environment. Achievements from academic performance from foreign universities may be an integral part of the course. Members of the RWTH Aachen seek the scientific discourse at the international level and participate in the execution of international research projects.
  • The RWTH Aachen University is committed to social responsibility. Scientists at RWTH Aachen take a technically position on public discussed issues. With target group orientated and active public work the RWTH helps to make new and complex topics understandable. The RWTH Aachen maintains an open dialogue with the citizens and the media in the region.