Aerial view of the RCDPP and IBDPP buildings Copyright: © Forschungscampus DPP, Aachen The LLT is located at the Forschungscampus DPP in Melaten

The Chair for Laser Technology (LLT) carries out research and teaching in the field of the generation and application of radiation from the infrared to the X-ray wavelength range. The framework is constituted by European or publicly funded projects and industrial research and development projects. Close cooperation exist in the region of Aachen with institutes from the RWTH Aachen University, local research institutes and companies, the Industrie und Handelskammer, the Chamber of Commerce and Networks.

Coherent and incoherent beam sources with highest intensities are necessary for novel applications of the laser technology. Thus, X-ray beam sources are developed for application for X-ray microscopy and x-ray lithography. Further, the suitability of plasmas with high energy densities as a medium for short wavelength laser sources in the EUV and X-ray range is investigated.

The goal of adjusting optical peripheral components, e.g. mirrors and lenses, is to increase the lifetime, resistance to radiation and optical properties for high power radiation. For example, as desired formable non-rotationally symmetric optics allow a problem orientated adjusting of the beam geometry to the working process.

From processing materials with laser radiation, low-cost and ecological methods can be developed for producing layers and surfaces with special features for mechanical, electronic, photonic, optical, tribology and microsystem technology applications. The SLM (Selective Laser Melting) based Rapid Manufacturing as well as the shaping 3-D-Laser Metal Deposition are investigated for ceramic and metallic standard materials. Methods for surface and in-volume structuring, modification and marking are tested.

The Chair for Laser Technology possesses a solid expertise and broad equipment to meet the high requirements of modern research and development.