The following plants and methods are available for laser manufacturing for integrated optics:

  • 2 fs-laser sources for structuring techniques (Coherent Libra, IMRA µJewel)
  • High-precision handling system at a positioning accuracy of 100 nm and a maximum travel range of 200 mm
  • High speed scanning system for in-volume microstructuring
  • optics for beam guiding and measuring technology
  • plant for lapping and polishing (Logitech PM)
  • waveguide characterization station, lock-in amplifier, laser diodes, filters and photomultipliers
  • Interference microscope, various light-optical microscopes
  • surface analysis equipment (REM, EDX, XPS, AES, optical UV-NIR and FT-IR spectroscopy, ellipsometry)
  • Pump-probe spectroscopy and microscopy
  • short-time imaging spectrometer equipped with an ICCD-camera, 200ps temporal resolution
  • optical spectroscopy, equipped with cooled CCD-camera and imaging spectrometer