Pinions of fused silica, 1 mm in diameter and 1 mm height Copyright: Fraunhofer ILT Pinions of fused silica, 1 mm in diameter and 1 mm height

The manufacturing of microstructured components is realized by the production techniques micro- and nano-structuring of surfaces or in the volume of transparent dielectrics.

By in-volume selective laser-induced etching of transparent materials micro channels, complex shaped micro parts and holes are fabricated with high precision and high productivity.

The in-volume structuring of transparent materials using fs-laser radiation is a suitable way to produce 3D-waveguides. The use of laser-active glass allows the set-up of compact 3D-waveguide lasers.

Periodic nanostructures, obtaining a period which is significantly smaller than the wavelength of the applied laser radiation, are produced by fs-laser beam structuring of different surfaces. On one hand, the ripples limit the achievable precision of the micro-structuring process, on the other hand the ripples can be used to generate 2D-gratings suitable for optical components.

Ridge waveguides are generated by micro-structuring of thin film systems with local ablation by pulsed laser radiation. The structured ridge waveguides get polished, equipped with resonator mirrors and pumped by diode lasers, thus creating waveguide lasers.