High-Grade Steel 1.4301

  Bildunterschrift Copyright: Fraunhofer ILT Bildunterschrift

A high-grade steel's most important attribute is its very precise composition. High-grade steels are either very pure or are very accurately alloyed to set the desired properties like strength or corrosion resistance. The high-grade steel 1.4301 is a corrosion-resistant, austinitic steel, which is applied in the automotive industry or for surgical instruments.

Deep drill holes with a small diameter can only be produced to a limited extent by laser radiation. The drill progress of percussion drilling is limited by remaining melt within the hole. Closures form due to solidification of the melt. Alternative methods like Electrical Discharge Machining and Electro Chemical Machining are time consuming and expensive. The spatial and temporal superposition of laser radiation from two different sources increases the drilling speed in high-grade steel to up to a factor of 4. The superimposed laser radiation results in a greater productivity and guarantees a higher process reliability due to a decreased fluctuation of the through-drill time.