The following plants and methods are available for the drlling group:

Laser sources

  • Fiber Laser (pulse duration 0,1-10 ms , repitition rate 10 - 500 Hz, pulse power max 6 kW)
  • Slab-Laser (Nd:YAG, pulse duration 100-500 µs, repitition rate 0,1-500 Hz, pulse energy max 1,5 J)
  • FLS-Laser (Nd:YAG, pulse duration 0,1-20ms, repitition rate 0,1-1000 Hz, pulse energy max 120 J)
  • Gator-Laser (Nd:YAG, pulse duration 10 ns, repitition rate 10 kHz)

Positioning system

  • Kern 5-axis-positioning system


  • lapping- and polishing array (Logitech PM)
  • equipment for surface-analysis (REM, EDX, XPS, AES, Micro-Ramanspektroskopie, optical UV-NIR and FT-IR spectroscopie)

Other components

  • optical components for radiation guidance and und measurement techniques
  • diverse lightmicroscopes
  • lateral and coaxial process-monitoring via high-speed-camera (up to 100.000 pictures/s)
  • optical spectroscopie with cooled CCD-camera and imaging spectrometer