*** 3D-Volumenstrukturierung ***


The short interaction time between USP-laser radiation and the workpiece leads to an extreme thermodynamic nonequilibrium. As a consequence, metallic properties or strong thermal stresses can be induced in semiconductors or dielectrics. The relaxation of these transient states may cause formation dynamics of micro- and nanostructures with feature sizes below the optical diffraction limit. The analysis of the formation dynamics and the production of tailor-made structures constitute the research priorities.


*** Anwendungsfelder ***

The following links provide some topics of the group ultrashort pulse processing at LLT in the field of micro- nano structuring:

Deposition of graphene

Generation of nano antennas

Fabrication of nanostructures for near field optical applications


Astrid Saßmannshausen


Astrid Saßmannshausen


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