Plant und system technology


Laser beam sources

In addition to a multitude of conventional radiation sources such as laser diodes, the group Ultrashort-pulse-processing uses primarily two laser beam sources and an opto- parametric amplifier for processing and diagnosis. The main specifications are summarized below:

Amphos 500 Flex

Wavelength 1030 nm, pulse durations of 700 fs to 8 ps, repetition rates of less than 1 MHz via Pulse-picking and from 1.4 MHz to 54 MHz, maximum pulse energy 200 microjoules.

Coherent Libra

Wavelength 800 nm, pulse durations of 80 fs to 10 ps, repetition rate of individual pulses up to 1 kHz, maximum pulse energy 2 mJ, beam quality M² = 1.2.

Coherent Ultrafast Optical Parametric Amplifier

Wavelengths from 400 nm to 2700 nm, pulse duration of 80 fs, repetition rates from single pulses up to 1 kHz, maximum pulse energy of 30 to 200 microjoules.

Other radiation sources

Moreover, due to the close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institiute for Laser Technology ILT, a multitude of other laser systems are available, see website Fraunhofer ILT .


Scanner and positioning systems

In order to move the laser beam or the work piece, various scanning and axle systems are used:


  • galvo scanner
  • polygon scanner


  • Aerotech
  • SmarAct

Additional equipment and measuring technology

The cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT enables access to many measurement techniques, such as:

  • Vacuum chamber with pressures of up to 10-5 mbar
  • Various light microscopy in incident and transmitted light
  • Laser scanning microscope
  • Atomic force and scanning electron microscopes
  • FTIR spectrometer