Ultrashort pulse processing



Ultrashort pulsed (USP) laser radiation with pulse durations less than 10 picoseconds is increasingly used for material processing. The peculiarity of the material processing with USP laser radiation is the short time of interaction of laser radiation with the work piece. Due to this short interaction time, an extreme thermodynamic non-equilibrium state in the solid leads to a unique removal or formation mechanism. Using this unique process, metals, semiconductors, dielectrics or composites can be ablated with high precision by minimizing the heat load, or the formation of micro- and nanostructuring can be achieved. The use of USP laser radiation as a light source for the optical microscopy allows process diagnosis with high temporal resolution. With the pump-probe technique, processes and formation dynamics can be observed with a temporal resolution of 100 femtoseconds.


Main topics

Structured metal surface by ultrashort laser pulses Copyright: © Chair for Laser Technology LLT Structured metal surface by ultrashort laser pulses

In close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT, the Chair of Laser Technology LLT focuses on basic research in the field of application oriented science. Thereby ablation and formation dynamics are being investigated and innovative processes are developed. Main Topics:

High-Power USP material processing

Micro and nano structuring

Time-resolved process diagnostics



Logo in thin glass by processing with ultrashort laser pulses Copyright: © Chair for Laser Technology LLT LLT Logo in thin glass by ablation and cutting with ultrashort laser pulses

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