Generation of coherent sub-20 nm XUV radiation at 78 MHz via cavity-based HHG

Les Ulis/France / EDP Sciences (2013) [Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings]

XVIIIth International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena.Lausanne, Switzerland, July 8-13, 2012. M. Chergui, A. Taylor, S. Cundiff, R. de Vivie-Riedle and K. Yamagouchi(Eds.)
Page(s): 10023 (3 S.)


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Pupeza, Ioachim
Holzberger, Simon
Eidam, Tino
Esser, Dominik
Weitenberg, Johannes

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Carstens, Henning
Rußbüldt, Peter
Limpert, Jens
Udem, Thomas
Tünnermann, Andreas
Hänsch, Theodor W.
Krausz, Ferenc
Fill, Ernst