Applications of laser technology



Constantin Leon Häfner

Lehrstuhlinhaber, Institutsleiter


+49 241 8906 500




The lecture Applications of laser technology starts with a characterisation of the laser beam as a processing tool and gives an overview of the application possibilities in the fields of processing and measurement technology (lecture 1). In lecture 2 and 3 the basic physical phenomena relevant for material processign are discussed. Lectures 4 to 8 are dedicated to laser applications in the field of processing. There are processes like drilling cutting and welding with laser radiation that are established in industrial practice, as well as new applications like laser additive manufacturing or cleaning with laser radiation.
The presentation is complemented by numerous practical examples of applications and systems. Lecture 9 treats the process monitoring and process control of processes with laser radiation. Lecture 10 provides an overview of methods in laser measurement technology. In lecture 11 applications of ultrashort pulses are discussed.

The lecture addresses students of enigneering science and physics. There are seperate tutorials given. The lecture can be attended independent of the lecture laser beam sources.

Tutorial for engineering students Contact Dipl.-Phys. Thomas Schwarz
Tutorial for physics students Contact Dipl.-Phys. Thomas Schwarz

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