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The Chair for Laser Technology offers an interdisciplinary education, bringing together students of mechanical engineering, physics and electrical engineering. The main characteristic of the location is the simultaneous work on both the research and development of new radiation sources, and their applications in various industrial and scientific fields. It can be clearly seen that laser technology is a decisive factor for most areas of public relevance, in some having a key function. Wilhelm von Humboldt?s traditional idea of ?Unity of Research and Education? is expanded, integrating ?innovation? as a third factor of equal rank.

The Chair for Laser Technology offers the opportunity to get in touch with the various fields of laser applications in education, research, and technology transfer. It provides a large scale of lectures, tutorials, workshops and multimedia teaching material, focusing especially on

  • Laser technology
  • Laser technology for microsystems
  • Processing technology for microsystems
  • Machinery and equipment for the manufacturing of microsystems
  • Cutting, welding, drilling
  • System technology
  • Measuring and analysis technology
  • Modelling and simulation

The membership of the Chair for Laser Technology in networks, panels and special research programs (SFBs) enhances the cooperation with other academic and industrial institutions. Numerous R&D-projects allow the LLT to offer a wide range of topics for papers and theses as well as the opportunity to work as a trainee, student or graduate assistant, or postgraduate. The RWTH Aachen university offers stays abroad for studying and training purposes.